Wall of Wonders. Educational project.

Educational exhibition project.

The Wall of Wonders project, based on a new educational format, was activated as a supporting device for spectator interaction with works in the Museo Artium. It was a way of getting the museum’s collection material to be operative; reactivating the disciplines concealed in their pieces through their re-arrangement as mediums for instruction. Formulations that stimulate development of the (also concealed) discourse of the visitors. This Post is articulated around this experience of activation. In it, after a small introduction we are shown videos of the Record of the process and the conference I gave at the Thyssen Museum, charting its embedding as an educational support in Artium, and a small documentary showing the use of my own show in La Taller as a training exercise.

General view of the exhibition. Texts on the wall details

 WonderwallArtium Museum Presentation.

You activate a work of art by looking at it and observing is an act of creation. Wonderwall invites you to look, observe and reflect on these three works from Artium Permanent Collection. You can also put your comments on the wall and help to create a large mural that extends a commitment, which is that established between the work and the different opinions (voices) confronting it. Our idea is of a space that adds meanings and interpretations to these works, a new expressiveness that perhaps the author did not intend or the viewer never had the chance of articulating.

You can send your text to educación@artium.org and we will put it up for you.

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