During the last years, I developed my work though drawing. In a world defined by high resolution media, through images that are understood as information, drawing allows us to suspend the “representation” of the world, and instead offer the viewer a personal translation of what surrounds us, in low resolution.

The differences from other technological languages, is that drawing allows me the to create a model though which I can think the present, and the future under different parameters than the on going progress model of modernity.

This whole bunch of drawings displays the raw material I’ve been producing over years of work. Almost all of them form a part of exhibition or animation projects. I wanted them to be shown unpolished, rather than articulated in a broader sense. At the most we might see the odd footnote to reveal where they belong, or some technical detail or other.





“Orphans of Void” Gallery. Sala Rekalde de Bilbao.

Airports. Murals.


Aeropuerto Rekalde-01 copia


Watercolor, pencil on mylar. 62x46cm

Science is Fiction.

Watercolor and ink on paper. 19x13cm and 13x14cm

Watercolour and collage on blue mylar. 31x23cm

Wall of Wonders.



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