Airports is a project that contains: drawings on mylar, animated drawing films, a book, and expanded wall drawings, murals. These expanded drawings were different in each of the different Airports exhibitions.

Airports. Hyde-Park Art Center. 2018/2019, Chicago

 I started doing these drawings in New York, but the series has developed fundamentally over the last two years, which have been of crucial importance to me as they have involved a radical change in life from New York—where I lived for 14 years—to my ‘home’. I am now here and there, both physically and mentally. At first sight, the drawings seem to show one thing—hybrids between the animal and plant kingdoms—familiar forms that we can to some extent conceive of, yet a second look reveals something else, a woman with her arms wrapped around her body, she cannot move, she has been tied up. This woman’s body is repeated so often that it loses its identity, … (More. Guarda come dóndolo)


Aeropuerto Rekalde-01 copia

“Orphans of the void” Installation view. Sala Rekalde de Bilbao.

“Aeropuertos” Exhibition at Casa de América. Madrid (2005).

Films. (Charo Garaigorta)



All Texts.

Carles Guerra (A multitude of bodies, an interview with Charo Garaigorta). Chus Martínez (Orphans of the void, exhibition at Rekalde, Bilbao). Charo Garigorta. (Guarda Come Dandolo).

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