The Institute of the Complex Aisles

The Institute of  Complex Aisles / Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao

IdePC/ Bilbao Museoa

IdePC/ Bilbao Museoa

IdePC Eng-Master

The Institute of Complex Aisles (IdePC, Spanish acronym)

IdePC is an equestrian structure that is part of a series of different pieces that I am working on at the moment. Some of them are mixed architecture, although there are also sculptural groups and animation works. The element of scale that gives name to all these works has a presence in size and time, and it is a key that I will gradually unveil.

The work that I present here began to develop in December 2020 and was completed in October 2021, it is currently exhibited in the Bilbao gallery La Taller. The images that we see in this short video and in the photos that follow, describe the current presence of the piece and a series of personal aspirations.  Ever since the piece was documented there have been no major changes in its formalization, but there has been an intense work of conceptualization: this has been organized through specific calls with architects, philosophers and artists in espacio 2Ordu. Its first results have been shaped in a publication that I anticipate in this portfolio.


General view of the piece. It measures 220 cm high by 180 cm long and 80 cm wide.

Detail of the resource field on the South side.

Two frontal views with my full-scale silhouette.

North and south elevations.

North and south foreshortening.

Detail of the south house with a virtual scale silhouette.

Elevation of the north house with silhouettes at different scales.

Detail of the subfloor of the sculpture.

Gravitational games. The crack as subsoil or as urban landmark.

Front view with my hand placing a post-cable in the “Resource Field”.


Esplanade with the mouth of the crack. Behind an escape with the tail of the snake.

One of the cross corridors of the sculpture.

Snake tail inside the Hollywood Bowl.

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