Animation films and video



The animation represents the possibility to experiment a new way to articulate my work. In which high and low technology can put together in the same format.

Animation allows me the possibility to experiment with other ways to structure the narrative in my work. In an animation, each drawing is not a piece anymore but turns into a key fragment to build the story. To be able to make this animation represents the possibility to investigate what stories can be told in the worlds that I was trying to frame in my work

The space determines how do we behave, and how do we build ourselves as subjects. This animation film tells the story were the objets, – a group of airplanes – play the roles which each of us are expose in our daily life.

Airplanes are not what they were anymore. The symbolic charge after the incident of 9/11, make these emblematic machines of transportation progress, and contemporary war, to be seen in a different way, in the collective imaginary These films try to add up all these layers.

(Robs Peter to Pay Paul)


Time & Fear, 3 screens projection, animation, 2008, sound Miguel García. 3:26 min.

Wonder Wall


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